Sarsenstone Khim Khim of Emrys

Khim is our seal point King. He comes for a walk with me every day in our woods; he sits on my knee in the car with us when we go shopping to the farm shop; and has even been known to come to the pub from time-to-time.

Khim is a huge softy and lives in our old sunroom where he can bask in the sun and watch the world go by.

A “Khim” is a musical instrument in Thailand. It has the bonus of having a second meaning in Old English which is “Brave King”. We also chose his name because of the 1960s book about a Siamese called Kim and because Khims’ grandsire comes from a buddhist monastry in Thailand…

Khim is definitely East meets West!

Is Khim available for visiting queens?

Khim is registered with the GCCF on the Siamese active register, however, we are essentially a “closed cattery”.

This is for the health of our cats; and because we do not have facilities to provide an open stud service; nor do we have the spare time to offer matings “on demand”.

In the future, we hope Khim will be available for occasional planned matings, to breeders with whom we have developed a good working relationship. However, any matings will still need to be in agreement with his breeder Dr Bird.

Any visiting queens will be required to be fully tested, (including PCR) either at our vets, or prior to visiting.