Welcome to Emrys Siamese

My husband and I breed pedigree Siamese cats in Devon.

We live and work from our home in the foothills of Dartmoor in the South West of England – a thatched cottage which we are renovating while raising kittens “underfoot”, as they say!

As well as being fortunate enough to grow up with these wonderful cats, I have always loved reading & collecting the old books about Siamese, those written as early as the late 1800s, to the early 1900s. The history of the breed is both rich and fascinating. The cats from my childhood and seeing those inspiring photos are part of what initially fed into my becoming passionate about preserving the traditional “Old Style” and “Classic” types of Siamese. I wanted to help make sure that the cats I loved would be there for future generations. Our long term breeding aim became to try & breed cats to the very standard that was winning shows in the 1950’s or earlier.

For over 12 years now, we have both really enjoyed collaborating, both locally and internationally, with other like minded Siamese breeders, particularly those working towards helping the Old Style, and have met many lovely people along the way. Emrys kittens and lines can now be found in Europe, as far as the U.S, and even Mexico!

Of course, most of all, we just love happy healthy kittens.

In addition to being registered with the GCCF we are members of the GCCF breeder scheme, an independently monitored scheme with very specific and high breeding guidelines set by the GCCF. We are also members of the Siamese Cat Club, OSSC (Old Style) & The Chocolate Point Siamese Cat Club.

GCCF Breeder Scheme (No. 00163).

At the moment we breed seal, chocolate and blue.